Why We Feed Our Dogs Orijen


Photo credit: http://www.orijen.ca

I have to admit I am pretty particular about what goes in the belly of each of my animals. Granted living the country/orchard life this can sometimes be difficult to control and I have had to relax my standards a little bit. Ridgebacks are pretty hardy animals but they also tend to have sensitive stomachs. Over the past four years we have tried out several different dry dog foods and we keep coming back to one: Orijen Adult Dog Chicken, Turkey, Wild Caught Fish.  People, especially dog people, can be pretty set in their ways about what to feed their dogs. Others are motivated by cost or convenience. I think there is a lot of mis-information out there about dog nutrition. Lots of it provided by the dog food companies themselves.

Personally I am motivated by reading the labels.  I really think that we are often duped by advertising and don’t stop to actually LOOK at what’s going into our dog’s food. I have been impressed over and over with the ingredients of Orijen, take a look for yourself, their website www.orijen.ca is incredibly extensive, user friendly, and chock full of literature on dog nutrition. When new research emerges that supports that certain ingredients are not necessary/good for dogs, Orijen is certain to take this into account and make the necessary changes.

To top it off, Orijen is concerned with supporting farmers who use humane practices in raising their animals, and their quality is protected by vacuum sealing every bag.

Did I mention that they have been awarded Dog Food of the Year for the past three years by the Glycemic Research Institute of Washington, D.C.? You can read up on these awards here.

It may sound like I’m being paid to write this, but I assure you I am not. I have read SO many dog food labels in the last four years and simply nothing compares to the ingredients that are put into their food. I care so much about making sure my dogs eat Orijen that we have it shipped to our house because its not available anywhere near where we live. (In case you are interested we have it shipped from www.petflow.com)This may be a bit more of a pain in the neck, but its worth it. My dogs’ coats are beautiful, they are healthy and fit, and they don’t have any negative reactions to the food as they have had with other food brands in the past. So that is why I am recommending Orijen here, to spread the word, and I have added their link as a permanent link on my site because I support what they do.


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