Hi! I’m Jess. This blog is dedicated to my two crazy, loving, loyal, tall, and incredibly discerning Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I live in Port Orchard, WA with my husband, our two Rhodesian ridgebacks Kaya and Merle, one scruffy terrier named Ras, and two ridiculous cats. My two ridgies are wonderful animals. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Yet…they can be stubborn, VERY stubborn.  Their independent nature, however, is one of the things I love about them, so I have dedicated this space to finding products, places, and things our dogs love and to share them with other dog lovers and owners.

Just so you know…all reviews are unbiased, except those by the dogs themselves. All photos and text on this site are my work (unless otherwise indicated). Please do not copy, re-post  or distribute without my permission.

I do on occasion also take a few human photos. You can see some of my work here. If you live in the Kitsap County Area and want photos of your animals or humans, or just have a general question about me or my blog, please feel free to contact me at: Thestubbornhound@gmail.com. You can see more of my portfolio here.


PS. FYI, I don’t guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on links provided on this site. 


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Dear Hearts. Thanks for dropping by the Yellow Dog’s Blog and liking it enough to follow. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.

  2. Wooohoooooowoooooo! Nice to meet you! Me and my sisfur Nalle are to big pups toowoowooo. We’re Alaskan Malamutes and we live in CA toowoowoooo! Ku
    p.s. We don’t bark, we sing! Wooooooowooooooo!

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