Product Review: I thought Indestructible Toys were a Myth…but I was wrong!

This blog is dedicated to all things big dog, and with big dogs come big, powerful teeth.2014-01-03_0004

Finding the right toy for big dogs with big teeth is a challenge. An expensive challenge. Most toys last in our house on average 30-45 seconds. Longer than the average bull ride I guess (to put it all in perspective) but certainly not long enough to make me want to continue to shell out money to keep my pups entertained.

Well a couple of years back we discovered the toys by JW Pet. I did a bit of a write up about their Megalast treat bones (which our dogs find mildly amusing – they do make a great summer time treat bone) because they have lasted years.

For Christmas we decided to gift the dogs with a few other toys from JW Pet, to test the “indestructible toy” myth (and well it was Christmas so we were feeling generous :).

Perhaps nothing is truly “indestructible” when it comes to dogs but these toys sure come pretty darn close, and they are certified non-toxic to boot, which makes this dog-mom happy as a clam.  So you have the list, we purchased a couple of their squeaky toys and bones: the Ruffians Chicken, the Megalast Long Dog, the Evertuff bone with Chicken Flavor, the Rubber Football, and the JW Crackle & Crunch ball.

Unfortunately the Crackle ball didn’t survive long. The little razor sharp teeth of our terrier ripped through the rubber, but Kaya, who used to love playing with water bottles when she was a pup LOVED it and was sad to see it destroyed. The rest, however, have been great. The dogs really love the Evertuff bones, which is rare as they typically only go for antlers. 2014-01-03_0002

The Ruffians chicken is an obvious favorite (who wouldn’t love a rubber chicken that squeaks and bounces?), and has suffered only minimal damage (a few feathers from atop its head have been nibbled off). Its shape works well for both the large dogs (who like to fetch the ball shape) and our little dog who can snatch it up by the head and run off between the big dogs’ legs.


The rubber football and dog have been much enjoyed outside. Granted the squeak on the football sounds a bit like a “dying seal” but other than that it’s been a hit and the dogs have had fun playing fetch with it. The dog, (which we have to admit we thought was a “pig”) has suffered, like the chicken, minimal damage (an ear was nibbled off) but has done well otherwise. Its squeak is a bit less obnoxious and the shape of the toy works great for fetch and run. 2014-01-03_0005 2014-01-03_0006

So, the dogs would like to highly recommend JW Pet toys as the go-to indestructible toy. Seriously, don’t waste your money on other toys. If you want stuff that will last, be sure to check them out.

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