Looking for a tough chew toy?

chewbonesOur ridgebacks aren’t necessarily into chewing but they are professionals at destruction. Most toys last about 2 hours max in our house before they end up in the trash. We didn’t have much use for chew toys (beside antlers) for the ridgebacks in the past but we recently adopted a small terrier into our pack who is chewer. Carpet, cords, clothing, you name it, he will chew on it. My husband and I knew we had to find some new toys for him, that the ridgebacks couldn’t destroy in 5 minutes.

A couple years back we found a pretty indestructible chew toy for Kaya when she was a teething pup. A little green rubber bone that you could stuff with treats. She wasn’t into it much after she stopped teething, but it certainly lasted a long time, in fact I eventually just gave it to my brother-in-law for his terrier to chew on (it lasted about 3 years and two house moves – pretty incredible for the life of a dog toy). When we got Ras (our terrier) we knew we had to find that toy again.

I did a little amazon search and found them: Megalast Bones made by JW dog toys. They are super cheap (you can get a large bone for under $7) and SUPER indestructible. We bought three sizes, one large, one medium, one small – one for each dog. I realized the other day, the great thing about them is that the little grooves where you are supposed to stuff treats also serve as little mini ice cube trays. You can fill the toys with water, put them in the freezer for about 2 hours, and the result is a great little lickable treat for the dogs. (Did I mention our dogs love ice cubes?). This keeps them occupied a lot longer than stuffing treats in the grooves. So if you are looking for a good indestructible bone (and I mean, super long lasting – and non-toxic), check these toys out. You can find them here on Amazon.


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