Moving Our Paws North


It feels good to finally have a moment to breathe. Ahh. This sentence has a more powerful meaning to it than just taking in and out some air. I write this from our new home in a small town just outside of Seattle called Port Orchard, a new home that comes complete with fresh mountain air, a change from the dusty air of our former farm house. It’s also nice to stop and take a moment to write, we’ve been on the go non-stop since we moved two weeks ago, and frankly I’ve been neglecting this blog which is a favorite writing outlet for me. Since then I’ve been reflecting on how much I love the name of our new city and all the imagery it conjures.  A combination of some my husband and my favorite places – ship ports and fruit orchards. Symbolic too of where we’ve come from, an old stone fruit orchard in the Central Valley of California, and before that a lush avocado orchard on the Central Coast of California, to a city on the sea. It’s going to be a big transition for a few reasons. New life, new house, new jobs, new friends, new foods (our new house is surrounded by wild blackberries)…and new weather. For any dog lover and owner, and especially for those who own the particularly weather snob breed such as the ridgeback will know and sympathize – this is going to be a challenge  impossible. Ridgebacks simply don’t handle rain well. Ok, that’s probably an understatement, they don’t DO rain. Kaya especially, I have seen her hold her pee in for a day and a half because she refused to go out in the rain. I assure you, nothing was troubling her other than that. The sun returned and magically so did her ability to go potty. She has developed a keen ability to tip-toe her way across wet grass, and there is not much funnier than watching her tight rope walk on the teeny-tiniest of concrete to avoid getting her precious “princess toes” the slightest bit damp. Regardless, they will need to learn. Perhaps we will have to fashion some sort of doggie umbrella coat that she can wear so she never feels the rain touch her fur. I don’t know. But, we love it here – fresh air, rain, good food, kind people, and unbelievable trails on which to hike and walk the dogs – this little rain phobia isn’t going to slow us down. Any suggestions on making it happen smoothly are welcome.


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