A Camera Lens Offers a New Perspective

So life has kept me busy enough that I haven’t had time to blog about my favorite thing: my dogs. The good thing is that it’s been a good sort of busy, and it’s a result of lots of time spent being creative. I do a little photography on the side (apart from the work I do for my day job) and I am constantly reading reviews of new cameras and new lenses. I am the ultimate poster child of “put it in the shopping cart and don’t buy it.” I finally decided to plunk down some change for a new lens at least. One a bit faster and better in low light than what I currently had. It was a good decision and of course, it had to be tested on my favorite photo models. So I give you a few recent shots of the pups. They are getting quite good at posing for me (I think the tasty treats always seem to help.)

It’s a good reminder looking at these faces that I need to remember to devote more time to them and pursuing what I love most: blogging about my dogs and enjoying their company. I hope this new lens will encourage me to do just that!








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