Kaya Turns 4

2013-12-12_0001So I have taken a bit of a hiatus from dog-blogging due to being busy with work blogging and such (that’s a good thing right?) but its probably apropos to do a post in honor of the dog who inspired this blog, my beloved Kaya. Kaya turned four on December 7th. She shares a birthday with my childhood best friend, which I guess it fitting seeing as they both have been extremely influential in my life.

Kaya is an incredible dog. She is one of the most loving souls I have ever met, when you look into her eyes you know there are a lot of wheels spinning in there. She is also one of the the most stubborn souls I have ever met. She reminds me a lot of myself, very particular, very lazy (ok maybe she is lazier than I am), extremely gangly and goofy, always searching for that next patch of sun to lay in.

She isn’t much into exercise but enjoys a good hike or lazy walk, and she is super big into snuggling. Kaya is particular about her food and her people. When she doesn’t like you, she never forgets it. When she loves you its electric, you can see that love travel from her head to her tail when she sees you. When she wants affection its unavoidable. She will stick her nose right up into yours as if she is trying to breathe in a piece of you. (OK, maybe that is a bit intense of an analogy, but its true).

When Kaya came into my life she changed me forever. She made me more of a concerned person, more aware, less self-absorbed. She challenged me to figure out ways to communicate without words. She made me appreciate the little things and how much of a homebody I really am. Kaya’s full registered name is Dharmakaya, and if you are familiar with Buddhism at all you are aware that this translates loosely to “truth body.” Dharmakaya is believed to be one of the three stages in which one reaches enlightenment.

After four years of having her in my life I can truly say that Kaya is my “truth body.” Of my three dogs she is the one I always look to for judgement in a situation. Merle is the happy go-lucky dog that loves all living things. Ras is the small, playful but timid dog who is always a bit wary but full of love. Kaya is different. Kaya is particular, Kaya is honest, Kaya is truth.

Is clear that I love this dog? So grateful to have her in my life for this long and hope we have her for many more years to come.


13 thoughts on “Kaya Turns 4

  1. what a beautiful blog. Kaya is very pretty and looks very smart, as if he knows something. I love that she likes to snuggle. I don’t have a dog but I will love for my dog to snuggle a lot.

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