Looking for a Pet Sitter? DogVacay to the Rescue

Ridgeback + Blanket + Cat = Recipe for Sleep

When we lived in Southern California we had a fabulous trainer who we turned to for classes and boarding. Our dogs would get so excited at the thought of going to her house for a day, night, or weekend that we could barely get them out of the car before they would race to greet her. Moving to a new city, three hours away, has posed some challenges with the dogs. What do you do when you need boarding for big dogs? Having ridgebacks poses an additional challenge. Ridgebacks need a confident, assertive source of authority, ample exercise during the day, LOTS of people time, and a comfortable place (human bed) in which to sleep. Traditional boarding situations don’t typically allow for this, and to top it off, if your dog is intact (as our male ridgeback is) many boarding sites will restrict their play time even further.

Enter Dogvacay.com. A website designed for people like us. DogVacay is like a vacation rental by owner…for dogs. Dog sitters who register with this site open their house up for home boarding. They set their own price and you can book with them directly through the website. They even tell you what other animals they have, what size dogs they prefer, and their dog sitting background. You can even set up a meet-and-greet with a potential sitter so that they meet the dogs and you get to meet them (win- win if you are a fairly neurotic dog mom like me!).   Our ridgebacks can be tough to handle, and with a new, third, puppy in our house, I was starting to get nervous that we would not find a place to board our dogs that would live up to our standards and wouldn’t empty our bank accounts after one trip. I am content to know that there is another option. Our first DogVacay experience worked out real well (hence why I recommend it here!) and I will keep it in mind for the next time we head out of town.

4 thoughts on “Looking for a Pet Sitter? DogVacay to the Rescue

  1. I have been doing it all wrong – I need to get Eko a cat pillow! Luckily we have a few friends in the area who can usually take care of Eko, but I have heard great things about DogVacay and think I will have to give it a try for a future trip.

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