Product Review: Anti-Itch Dog Conditioner

Since we moved further inland in California, Merle has been suffering from pretty itchy skin. He has been prone to dry skin since he was a puppy but the change of climate seems to have been really bothering him. I can tell when its getting bad when he shimmies up to me for an extra long bum scratch session. We have found a wonderful shampoo (see my review of Cowboy Magic) that works as a regular shampoo for bathing but we wanted to find something that would be targeted specifically at itchy/flaky skin.

We stumbled upon GNC Pets Itch Relief Medicated Conditioner (which contains Hydrocortisone and Aloe, along with other medications and soothing agents) and decided to give it a go. After three baths Merle’s coat has improved significantly. As the product is medicated you can only use it once a week, which is probably good because regular bathing can deplete the natural oils in a dog’s coat. Nevertheless, it comes in a pleasant Eucalyptus scent and Merle seems to enjoy the process. So if your pet suffers from an itchy coat here is what I recommend using to aid the problem.

First you need the following things:2013-06-20_0001 

1. GNC Pets Itch Relief Conditioner 
2. A hounds grooming glove (the one shown here we purchased at Petsmart)
 3. A shower (yes we have a pink shower)
4. A dog in the shower

You can use the product after shampooing or alone. I have done both. GNC recommends leaving the product on for up to 5 minutes to let it work its magic, so here is where the grooming glove comes in. Merle doesn’t love to shower so I try to ease the tension by giving him a little massage/grooming session while we are getting clean. (We usually sing too…but that’s another kettle of fish). This seems to calm him down and at the same time works the conditioner into his coat. After you let it sit, be sure to wash your pup real well to get all the product off. Towel dry and then brush again with grooming glove after they are completely air dry (the zoomies that Ridgebacks get after showering usually helps speed up this process). Then…voilà! Itch-free puppy.

So far this product seems to have really worked for us, so I recommend it here. You can pick up a bottle of the conditioner for around $16 bucks here at Petsmart (looks like its currently on sale!). It might sound a bit pricey but its for a 17oz bottle and you can alternate this product with whatever regular grooming shampoo/conditioner you use on your dogs! Happy grooming!

4 thoughts on “Product Review: Anti-Itch Dog Conditioner

    • Hi Ann, thanks! Yes, the hounds gloves are great and washable. I have one outside (for brushing off dirty dogs) and one inside in the shower to help with bathing. Definitely a good purchase and you can find various types at local Petsmarts or online.

    • I haven’t tried the shampoo. We pretty consistently use Cowboy Magic Shampoo and its awesome. I actually just bought their conditioner as well and I now use it in place of the medicated conditioner because it seems to produce even better results. Super soft and smooth coats. You should check it out!

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