Product Review: PetSafe Treat Pouch

I try to be a positive dog owner with a focus on constant training, which means trying to carry treats as much as possible. Yet I have always thought that most of the treat pouches you find at pet stores are not conducive to what “treating” a dog is all about: timing. You have to reward a dog right away for their good behavior or they might forget what they are being rewarded for. Goodness knows with the goldfish brain of my two big dorky dogs this window of time is often quite small! On top of that, the treat pouches with the drawstrings or zippers (or plastic bag closures) were frustrating on many levels. To have quick access to the treats you would have to leave the bag open. If you leaned over (or were nudged over by a bouncy puppy) the treats would spill out. Others were too small and narrow to even get my hand into and the treat was smashed and crumbled when it reached the surface. Not to mention that these things always seemed to be left somewhere in our house where the treats inside would languish and rot and basically ruin the whole bag and we would be forced to buy another. So I thought, wouldn’t it be nice for someone to create a treat pouch that was instant access but stayed closed? Well I haven’t found the holy grail yet (I might have to create that for myself) but the PetSafeTreat Pouch is a pretty good alternative.

Its got a hinged opening, instead of a zipper or drawstring, so it pops open and closed allowing for gunslinger style “treating.” Plus it comes complete with a few other nice functions: a carabineer on which you can clip your keys or a leash, extra pockets for stashing bags/meds/sunglasses/credit cards/phone etc. There is a strap with a clasp to wear the pouch around your waist “fanny pack style” but if you are too cool for that the pouch also has a clasp on the back which would hook nicely onto pants/shorts/jeans. The material is a durable canvas and will be easy to clean. According to the PetSafe website its machine washable too! I found mine at Petco hidden somewhere in the back of the store but they are available online for a much better price. Looks like they’re on sale here for about $12 bucks. If you are looking for a cool, quick way to treat your dogs while you walk/train, this is the product for you!

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