Product Review: Poochplanet Tender Care Orthopedic Beds

Ok, so I should probably confess…I have a bit of a dog bed buying habit. I have been scolded time and again by my husband, “The dogs don’t need any new beds!” I am always on the lookout for the largest, coziest bed I can find. This time, since we just moved into a house that has carpet (!) and the dogs can sleep on the floor I haven’t been so obsessive about finding them new beds. When we moved we threw out their old beds and just started using some old sleeping bags folded up and the dogs seemed to like that just fine. They were basically there to help the dogs know where to sleep. But my husband told me he wanted to clean the sleeping bags and have the zippers on them fixed…so…we would need to find new beds for the dogs.

I could just imagine Kaya’s response, “Ok mom, I will just sleep on the bed with you, you don’t need to buy me a new bed!” Ignoring her dog voice in my head I headed out to Walmart (which I don’t particularly care for, so this is by no means a support of that business) but it just so happens that we live in a pretty small town with very little shopping options. Well they had two large dog beds left that I decided to snatch up, and since the dogs are taking to them quite nicely I thought I would share them here! Our dogs are really just big puppies so they are not in need of orthopedic beds (despite what Kaya might have you think given how long it takes her to get up and go anywhere), but these seemed cozy! They have a soft fleece top and canvas bottom, and the cover zips off and can be thrown in the washer. Good for our dogs who frequently come in with dirty paws.

As for the comfort and size, Kaya, who is about 120lbs, with giraffe sized legs fit nicely on the bed, as you can see above. The actual bed dimensions for the large beds are 4” H x 40” W x 30” L. I decided to curl up on the bed with her after this photo was taken, (yes, I’m that crazy) and it was quite soft and durable. Despite looking like a big piece of Texas toast, its a great bed, so we all give it a paws up!

It seems like I happened to get a pretty good deal each bed was about $40 bucks, but if you don’t feel like making the trip you can get the beds here at for about $64 bucks for the large. Seems like there are a lot of good options on Amazon for beds for even bigger dogs, if you can imagine!


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