Product Review: Kick, Fetch, Run – The Large ChuckIt! Ball

Typically RRs don’t like to play fetch and my ridgies are no exception. On occasion Merle will get a spurt of zoomies and will humor me with a 5-10 minute game of chase the ball. For the longest time we had trouble finding a fetch toy that didn’t 1) get destroyed instantly in their large mouths and 2) could also be kicked around. Enter the Kick, Fetch, Run ChuckIt! Ball made by the same people that make the chuck toys with the long stick and tennis ball (yeah we tried that too but the dogs were more interested in the stick part than the ball part and it just ended up becoming a chew toy). The ball is perfectly designed with grooves so the dogs can pick the ball up and run with it. Yet these grooves also allow the ball, when kicked or thrown, to bounce in odd ways spurring the chase and attack instinct the RRs have in spades. Its a bit pricey for the toy, about $30 from PETCO (check it out here), but worth it. We have had ours now for almost a year with literally no damage done to it. We haven’t tried it in water, but I would think it would float well being so light. The dogs, when in the mood to play fetch, highly recommend it!

4 thoughts on “Product Review: Kick, Fetch, Run – The Large ChuckIt! Ball

  1. I must be part RR because I’m not a big fan of fetch either, with the exception of sticks. I do love sticks! But when we play fetch with the tennis ball, my mommy ends up doing most of the fetching. 🙂

  2. My boyloves the ball but mommy thinks it is an expensive piece of dog poo. I have bought MANY of these and every time the seams rip right away and its done. At $25 each they would last longer than 2 weeks. My boy loves the toy,just make the seams hold out longer.

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