Kaya…pushed to the brink of GRASS!


So my husband, feeling a spurt of energy this afternoon, decided to take a run around the orchard. I, not feeling so energetic, opted to stay home and take a few shots of the dogs seeing as the sunlight was just hitting the golden hour. I told my husband, “hey, take one of the dogs!” so he opted to take Merle, who tends to be a better running partner. Of course, Kaya, seeing them take off running into the orchard did not like this one bit! She started whining, pacing, and she even..gasp..went onto the grass. See, Kaya doesn’t do grass. She does everything she can to avoid it. Our new yard gives her the option to run on concrete pretty much all the way around the grass part of the yard to the safety of tile or dirt, but not this time. The stress of not getting to join my husband on the run pushed her to the grass. THE GRASS! But, being the kind soul that he is, my husband kindly took Kaya for a run after he and Merle returned. The pups greeted each other with joy when Kaya returned and everyone was happy and tired. It was a successful outing!



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