10 Things My Hound Dogs Have Taught Me







1. Exercise should always be followed by sleep. Eating should always be followed by sleep. Sleep should always be followed by sleep.

2. Sleep should involve lots of kicking, groaning, and farting.

3. Sticking your tongue out at the person in the car next to you is the quickest way to become their best friend.

4. Grass, the vacuum, and that truck coming up the driveway is out to get you.

5. Leaving home is exciting! Coming home is exciting!

6. At 6pm sharp all work should stop and snuggling should commence. If one is working at a computer, the computer mouse should be thrown against the wall and nearly destroyed.

7. Cat Poop is a delicacy. (Going to take the dog’s word on this…)

8. If you eat something your aren’t supposed to, as long as no one SEES you eat it, it didn’t happen. If its still on your nose when you are done, it still didn’t happen.

9. Whatever you are eating is better than what I am eating.

10.  Allowing someone to force you to walk a certain path is unacceptable. You must stay strong and carve your own path, even if that means running through the mud…and then trekking the mud into the house.

…and perhaps an honorary 11. Love whoever is around to be loved 🙂

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