Living in Leave-It Alley


When our dogs first went to puppy training we were taught to work on the command “leave it!” by creating an “alley” of toys or foods that would serve as distractions to our dogs. We were then instructed to walk the dogs up and down the “alley”  and saying the command “leave it” every time the dog went toward the object. Well, living in an an orchard poses a very difficult problem. What does one do when one LIVES in “Leave-It Alley.” Our dogs are in LOVE with avocados, and no matter how many times we tell them to “leave it!” when they run off to scarf down these delicious green fruits, the power of the fruit usually wins. More times than I would care to admit I have left the family room only to return to find a pile of “guacamole” on the floor, thanks to our dogs. Don’t get me wrong, there are MANY benefits to living in an avocado orchard. Its peaceful, its quiet and private with an endless source of private hiking trails. You are surrounded by trees which attract all sorts of wildlife including a regular parade of red hawks and owls. On the other hand, living here has tested my patience on many occasions. Living in an orchard is like raising dogs in CandyLand. It  has set them up to believe that ALL walks are treasure hunts for treats!  Good thing I came armed today with my super CBPB treats, which in some cases had more pull with the dogs than the magical green fruit. Now if only I could figure out a way to harness the power of the avocado for training the dogs! I will keep you posted!

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