Product Review: Long Johns for Large Breeds


So I should begin this post by explaining that we live in a house with no heating. We live in a canyon that can drop down into the 30s F at night and we rely on one (fairly powerful) space heater to keep us and the animals warm. I have been looking for a while for coats/sweatshirts to fit our tall, large chested Ridgies, and recently I came across a website called that carried a large breed “Long John.” They were pretty pricey (I found a discount coupon online) but they are custom made-to-order based on your dog’s measurements. Kaya is a big Ridgie with a very deep chest and long legs so I thought this might be worth a try. I ordered them around Christmas time so I figured it might be a bit of a wait to receive them. After a couple of weeks I hadn’t received any word about shipment, so I contacted customer service at Posh Puppy and they very quickly reassured me (through both online chat and email) that our long johns were on their way. Sure enough,  a couple days later I saw they were in the mail from Canada. They arrived today and I am thoroughly happy. They might even be a bit TOO big for the doggies (I had to roll up the sleeves so they didn’t trip on them), and Kaya’s red jammies were still a little small in the chest (she ripped the front just a tad, nothing that can’t be remedied). The great thing about these cozy fleece jammies is unlike traditional dog coats these also cover the legs but don’t cover the entire chest/stomach so they can remain on when the dogs need to go outside to potty. Whether or not the dogs manage to keep them clean is another story! Anyway, as you can see from the attached pic above, our Ridgies approve and I am sure they will appreciate being extra warm at night!  In fact, as I type this both dogs are sound asleep in their new pjs. Thanks Posh Puppy Boutique!

If you are interested in purchasing a pair, check them out here:

Or peruse their entire website for other fun stuff:

The Posh Puppy Boutique having huge selection of designer dog clothes and doggie couture, dog accessories, carriers, collars and leashes, harnesses, dog beds, dog id tags, dog toys, and other unique apparel and accessories.


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