Jan 8 2013 Product Review: Cowboy Magic Shampoo

We have been searching for a while to find the right kind of shampoo for our Ridgies. We live in an avocado orchard and our dogs get muddy and dusty pretty regularly and we go through quite a bit of shampoo. When at our local feed store the other day someone recommended that we try horse shampoo instead of dog shampoo. It works great for dogs and you get more shampoo for your money. We picked up a gallon of this shampoo, Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo, and I swear my dogs have never felt so soft! Merle, my boy Ridgie, has had a problem with frequent shedding and this seems to have calmed the problem. So if you are interested in giving it a try, I see that its on sale right now over at HorseLoverz.com for only $26.70 (includes shipping!). Check it out!

For more details on the product, check out the Cowboy Magic website: http://www.cowboymagic.com

2 thoughts on “Jan 8 2013 Product Review: Cowboy Magic Shampoo

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